A bit of a hyperactive character, Sam is always developing new projects and setting off on innovative adventures. Here's what he's currently up to.

BD’Historic is a comic strip series about important periods of Swiss history. The first book is about the first world war and how it was experienced by the neutral country’s soldiers. Released in 2018, it was an immediate bestseller in French speaking Switzerland. 

Researched, written and illustrated by Sam, this project was sponsored by the cantons of Bern and Jura as well as various organisations including the « Fondation Général Henri Guisan », « In Memoriam » and « Les amis du Musée Militaire Vaudois ».

Sam is currently working on the second book entitled « Switzerland resists, 1939-1945 ». One of the highlights of this documentary-comic has to be the dogfights between the Luftwaffe and Swiss air force, depicted in exceptional historical detail. A section will also include exclusive illustrated interviews of veterans. This album will be released in spring 2020.